How to Make A Small Bathroom Feel More Functional

How to Make A Small Bathroom Feel More Functional

When remodeling your bathroom , you’ll want to make the most of the space you have. If you don’t have much room to work with, you may wonder how exactly you can make your bathroom more welcoming and fit in all the different functions that you need. While working on bathroom remodeling in West Virginia, we’ve noticed a variety of different trends that can help homeowners with small bathrooms make the most of their space.

Take out your tub and install a curbless shower.

Bathtubs take up a lot of space, and they can feel clunky and confining if your space is already very small. To increase your shower space, try removing the tub and installing a glass door to your shower, which will make the room look and feel much bigger and more inviting. This trend also gives your space a sleek, modern twist, which is great for updating any bathroom.

Use mirrors to reflect light.

Although your bathroom likely already has a small mirror, you can make your space look much larger by installing a spacious mirror as the focal point of your bathroom. Mirrors reflect light and make your space look much more expansive than it actually is. If you frequently find yourself feeling claustrophobic in a small bathroom, then a large mirror can help fix this problem.

Add vertical storage.

This is a trick that you can use in any small room to make it much more functional. Instead of installing bulky cabinets that take up tons of space, go for light vertical shelving that goes as high up as you can reach. This gives you more room to move around in your bathroom while also providing tons of extra space for towels and toiletries. Many brands are now even creating rotating or fold-out cabinets to help you do even more with your space. Open shelving also can be very stylish and allows you to show off your favorite bath products.

Install glamorous lighted mirrors.

Lighted mirrors look great in any bathroom, because they provide the old-school style and glamor of a vanity. However, they are also very practical for small bathrooms because they save space. Instead of having sconces or hanging lights, which take up a ton of space, light will come directly from the mirror. Lighted mirrors also have the added benefit of being very flattering, and who doesn’t want to feel great while getting ready in the morning?

Bring the outside in.

For bathrooms that feel particularly claustrophobic, talk to your interior designer to see if you can add a window or a skylight. Even a small window that sits on top of your shower can make the room feel much brighter, and will put you in a great mood while you’re spending time in the bathroom. Skylights are also a unique and unexpected way to bring nature into your space.

Use materials and colors you really love.

When you’re working with such a small space, you can get away with being a little extravagant. Since you won’t need huge quantities of materials, you can invest in that marble sink or ornate gold trim that you want. Bold patterns and colors also don’t look so out of place in a small bathroom, and they can give the space lots of flair and personality.

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